Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finger potatoes cooked in butter with garlic

This is obviously just a very simple way to cook finger potatoes, but I wasn't sure if it would work, and it did, so I figured I'd post it.

1 # or so finger potatoes, washed well
2 Tbsp butter (or more!)
~1 Tbsp salt
3-4 Peeled whole cloves of garlic
Pepper to taste
Optional but delicious:
Turnips, cut into similar sized chunks as the potatoes

Heat oven to 375. Combine everything in a baking vessel (I used a casserole pan), cover, and place in the oven. Every once in a while, you should shake the pan so that everything gets nicely coated in butter. Bake around 30-40 minutes - you want to err on the side of more cooked, since finger potatoes are better when they melt in your mouth and the skins get nice and crispy.

Serving Suggestion:

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