Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kufta Hotdish لحم بالصينية

So I realize that this is very similar to Lillian's previously posted Lamb Kibbeh Hotdish, however, this it is different enough that I figured it warranted a new entry. The Arabic name actually, literally means, "Meat in a Pan." It's relatively easy, but needs about an hour or more to cook. I originally learned this from Reem, so the credit is due to her, though in Syria you just get the meat pre-spiced from the butcher.

You'll need:
Ground meat
Arabic spice mix (or equivalent)
Ground red pepper

Heat oven to 350. Get out a large iron skillet, or round baking dish with high sides. Skin and cut enough potato to cover the bottom of the pan in a single layer, in 1/4-1/2" slices. Put the potato in the oven while you do the following steps, unless you have a microwave, in which case you can give them a quick zap and then it'll go a bit faster. Mix ground meat with spices to taste. The flavor of the meat is what really makes this dish, so you should spice it well. Remove the pan from the oven, then spread the meat on top of potatoes in a thin layer, then put sliced tomatoes on top. You may wish to add a small quantity of water, maybe about 1/2" on the bottom of the pan. Bake until the potatoes are done.

Here's a picture of the delicious outcome:

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Summer said...

This is one of the easiest meat middle eastern dishes you can prepare....i bet it is easier when you get it all spiced up at your butchers shop too....sahtain!