Friday, July 30, 2010

Potato Croquettes

OK actually I call these potato patties (which might get confused with latkes), but you can be more lah-dee-dah and call this form of Operation Icebox 'croquettes'. It's really just a way to use leftover mashed potatoes.


leftover mashed potatoes
chives or green onions, minced
bacon bits (optional)
spices, salt & pepper
fat for frying

Combine the mashed potatoes together with whatever ingredients and seasonings you like. You can probably add cheese, but I don't because it makes a mess when frying.

Pan-fry the patties in fat until golden brown on each side. I use a nonstick pan and a shallow layer of fat, but you can go the whole 9 yards and deep-fry them if you like.

Your humble leftovers have now reached food Nirvana. Enjoy!

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