Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Man Meat

I call this man meat because it uses ingredients that even the most consummate bachelor would have. Also, I think my step-dad John, who recently passed away, used to make it a lot, and he was truly a man's man. I hope you're taking notes, because it's pretty complex:

1 tri-tip steak
1 bottle or can of beer
Lawry's Seasoned Salt

Apply the seasoned salt liberally to the meat. Place the meat in a container, such as a zip-lock bag. Add the beer. Wait overnight. Grill the meat to desired done-ness. Eat.

Now if you're a pansy, you can get all fancy and overthink the recipe. What beer should I use? What if I don't have tri-tip? What if I have no balls? A real man would figure it out.

1 comment:

Megan Froelich said...

YUM, I remember having this amazing man meat at your house, so sorry to hear about John, hugs to you all!!!!