Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is mostly just an illustration of Lillian's (adapted) meatloaf recipe, which is indeed pretty awesome. Whats interesting about the recipe is mostly the cooking technique, which involved forming the loaf on a rack wrapped in tinfoil, with a sheet underneath to catch the grease. A picture is worth a thousand words:
As for the contents of the loaf, I mostly didn't use the recipe, since I had neither crackers nor gelatin on hand. It held together fine with corn meal however. Mine contains equal parts beef and pork.

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Marjorie Magidow Schalles said...

Oh-I cooked my meatloaf this way last night - it was perfect, and not swimming in a pool of nasty. I used 1/2 ground chicken and 1/2 ground turkey, with the usual ketchupy topping. Made delicious sandwiches, too. Thanks for the tip!