Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Czech Style Dumplings

These dumplings are a nice addition to stewy meals, especially for example goulash. The way I had them in Prague was sitting in the broth of the goulash in thin(1") slices. The recipe is adapted from here. Note that I've mostly halved the recipe - I left the yeast high, since it'll rise faster. This is a yeast bread, so it needs time to rise - plan ahead!

1 pk yeast (or 2.25 tsp yeast)
1 ts sugar
1/4 c milk; scalded and cooled
1/2 c milk; warm
1 egg
1/2 ts salt
1.5 c flour
1 slices white bread; cubed

Mix first three ingredients, let stand 10 minutes. Mix in everything else but bread cubes. Once mixed, add bread cubes, knead like bread. Let rise until doubled. Knead again, divide into equal sized logs (they suggest three in the original recipe - it depends on how wide you want the resulting circles.) Let rise again, for about half an hour. Boil gently for around 15 minutes.

Now, when done, what you're supposed to do is use a piece of thread to loop around the resulting logs and slice then into 1-2" thick cross sections. However, I'm lazy, and just used a very sharp knife, but they didn't look quite as perfect. I waited longer to cut some of the other logs, and I found that if you wait a bit, there's no real difference between thread or knives.

Here's a picture of them cooking:

And here's a nice picture of them next to the goulash (note how they're a little oblong due to me using a knife):


NoneMoreBlack said...

In a hurry though you may be, less yeast+longer rise=more flavor and better texture

The Middle Child said...

For these, I don't think it actually matters all that much, since they are generally served with very flavorful stews - and the texture is again almost exactly as I remember. However, yeah, if you have more time it'd probably be better to do it according to the original recipe.