Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stirf-fry and Potstickers from America's Test Chicken

Last night we were watching TV, bouncing from channel to channel, when we decided to watch America's Test Kitchen. The topic was "Not your Average Stir-fry" and we started drooling, it looked so damn good. They made a Thai-inspired beef stir-fry and some Chinese-style pork and cabbage potstickers. I like the show because it focuses on ingredients that nearly anyone can find, ordinary kitchen equipment, and has a thorough and scientific approach. Also, it's way less shrill than Alton Brown's Good Eats.

Today we were out and about with some friends and decided to go crazy and make the meal. It came out so well and I basically followed the recipes exactly. You have to register wit the ATK website to see the recipes, but they don't send you annoying stuff, so I recommend doing so. I won't re-post the recipes, but here are some photos to entice you to check them out. As usual, I was so eager to eat that my photos are lame, but you'll get the idea. Their stir-fry techniques in particular are really good.

Our tasty spread.

Blurry but tasty stir-fry.

These potstickers are amazing! I froze a bunch for later too :)

These two recipes compliment each other well: the salty/gingery potstickers and the hot/sweet stir-fry. If you have Thai basil you can use that in the stir-fry instead of cilantro for better effect. I got the awesome crystal tableware while helping clean out the apartments of Dan's elderly aunt. Livin' in style!


Anonymous said...

Hey, have you ever tried rice bran oil in your asian cooking. You can get it really hot and it does not burn.

Lillian said...

Hi Anon,

No I haven't tried it, but it sounds like a good oil. I mostly use grapeseed oil, which also gets quite hot and has the side benefit of being good on salads. When I'm using a lot of oil and want something cheap I use corn oil. I'll see if I can find the rice brand oil--thanks for the tip!