Sunday, February 24, 2008

The easiest lentil soup ever

Put 1 part lentils, 1/2 part rice in a pot. Clean well if you live in a country where bulk goods are kept in burlap sacks on the floor in dirty market places.

Add enough water that things will be soupy. Add a tsp or so of turmeric, mostly for color, and salt to taste. Cook until lentils and rice are soft.

Crush up several cloves of garlic(3-6, or more depending on quantity of soup - This is typically done in a mortar and pestle with a bit of salt). Pour an inch to 1.5" oil(olive or vegi) into a small frying pan, add garlic, heat and fry until garlic is golden. Pour oil and garlic into soup. If too garlicy, cook soup for longer.


Marjorie Magidow Schalles said...

This soup is absolutely more delicious than you can imagine from such a simple recipe. I am glad I tried it; I started it on the stove and finished it in the crockpot which is something we use here in America where the electricity is more predictable. Well, so far...

Lillian said...

I made this tonight, on Alex's urging, and it was definitely tasty. However, I maintain that my simple lentil soup is just a tiny bit better. So there pbbththt :P